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Owens Dry Lake, California

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Project Highlights

  • Haul Road Construction
  • Excavation and Breaking/sizing
  • Installation of Trenching System for Dewatering
  • Construction of 2 evaporation ponds, Decommissioning of one pond
  • Loading of Waste Material
  • Rough Grade to Original Site Contours

Project Summary

B&D; contracted to excavate approximately 260,000 tons of stockpiled mining waste generated during mining operations at the Big Pine Mine near Bishop, California. The waste material was transported in heated tanker trucks and discharged as sodium sulfate brine water which crystallized upon cooling. The project site encompassed about 10 acres on Owens Dry Lake near Keeler, California. The waste was stored above grade and contained by earthen berms. Prior to loading, the crystallized salt was sized using a breaker and stockpiled for loading into transport trucks. B&D; loaded an average of 65 end-dump trucks per day and maintained excavation, breaking and stockpiling operations to maintain the transport schedule. During excavation activities, B&D; constructed a series of dewatering trenches and installed 2 evaporation ponds to store groundwater pumped from the trench system. Following excavation and transport of waste material, B&D; rough graded the site to the original natural contours using native alluvial material from a local borrow source.

The project is located adjacent to an environmentally sensitive area, the Owens Dry Lake, and near the town of Keeler. B&D; maintained dust suppression activities throughout excavation activities. B&D; was instrumental in developing community involvement through an employment and training program. B&D; employed and trained five town residents that contributed to the success of this project.


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