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Project Description

The Dune Company

6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd., San Ramon, California

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Project Highlights

  • Level “C” requiring full-face respirators, gloves, etc.
  • Build decon pad for all trucks and personnel decon station
  • Severe heat conditions
  • Removed and reinstalled the railroad spur line
  • Removed concrete and asphalt
  • Excavated contaminated soil down to groundwater/clean soil
  • Bridged groundwater areas
  • Backfilled, regarded, and paved and re-landscaped

Project Summary

This was a former fertilizer company that sold to farmers in Imperial County. B&D; removed and reinstalled a railroad spur line onsite and removed the concrete and asphalt. B&D; excavated contaminated soil down to groundwater or clean soil. All contaminated soil was stabilized, loaded and transported to the appropriate landfill. Groundwater areas were bridged requiring 5,000 sq. ft. of geotextile fabric. Areas were then backfilled, regarded, and paved. Re-landscaping was also done at this site.

This was a Level “C” job requiring the construction of decontamination pads for trucks as well as a decontamination station for all personnel working on site. This job also required full-face respirators, gloves, etc. Because of severe heat, personnel had to be continuously rotated and watched closely for signs of heat stress and other heat-related illnesses.

Even though this job was 50% over on tonnage, B&D; completed this project only one day over schedule


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